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Chris Gatzke's Journal
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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
11:46 pm
Paul Darby is a douche
So, for about the past week, me and this kid named Scott have basically been going crazy and stressing out over this damn bio paper that counts for 30% of our overall grade for bio. While we were in a group of 6, 2 of us pulled our own weight plus extra, 3 pulled half of theirs, and one douchecock named Paul Darby fucking didn't do shit. Well, our presentation was due on Monday, and I guess that went alright, probably could have been better, but it didn't go too bad. Well, we basically went off of the rough draft that got handed in.
Let me tell you about the rough draft. It basically goes down like this: Scott and I wrote up just about everything for evolution, while Paul (the cockfag) said that he alone would take up intelligent design because he so strongly believed in it. Well, we let him. This was a mistake. The rough draft he handed in to our professor to go over and give back to us, didn't have the works cited page Scott and I had, nor did he have one for the section he had. Well, it just so happened that he emailed Scott the paper, then Scott to everyone else in the group. I googled the first 3 paragraphs. Basically, what he wrote was copied and pasted. Plagarized, and our teacher knew it, just didn't say it directly because after all, it is a rough draft. So we get it back and basically have a ton of work to do regarding evolution, and then completely redo intelligent design. After meeting with the group after Paul decided not to show up to our meetings, we decided that everyone (all 5 of us, excluding Paul, the bastard) would just find something good for intelligent design, write 2 pages, then the next day we'd come together and collaborate it all into one paper. We do that. Paul doesn't. We tell Paul that basically, he should just redo what he had. He thought that all he had to do was put in citations. No. He also thought that he should add quotation marks and paraphrase. No. We told him that he has to re-write in more of a paraphrase form, then add commentary to make an arguement, not just re-tell what other people have said. So basically, he threw a 3rd grade hissy fit. We were able to get an extension on the paper until Sunday afternoon (it was due Friday at 11:59.59). Well, we had wanted to hand something in on Friday, but that didn't happen, since we got an extension on friday afternoon. Paul was going to get us his shit (we didn't really expect anything of his to be anythign worthwhile, but we had to be fair as a group) to Scott by 6 at the latest because we really wanted to just get the paper in. He doesn't end up getting it until 11pm. So today, we just decided to hand it in the way it was before any of Paul's shit was in there. He didin't have one mother fucking thing in that paper, and it's probably for the better, but that guy is a douche bag who didn't do what he should have as part of a group and made the rest of us pull his fat ass along. Too bad we dropped it off 5 miles back because we told our professor what was going on, so we just added a note that Paul (the assfucker) didn't do anything regarding the paper. So hopefully he fails or dies or gets caught smoking his weed (he comes to class with his eye's bloodshot just about everytime that he comes to class, not to mention smelling of pot). Just wanted to get that off my chest.
Well, I really have to start studying for this bio final, mainly because it's going to kick my ass hardcore if I don't. Peace out.
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
12:47 am
Thanksgiving Day After
So, I woke had purposely planned on getting up between 10 and 10:30. To me, that seemed quite reasonable, considering that if I would normally have the choice, I'd wake up at 3pm every day. Well, too bad, so sad, this did not happen. At 9:55, 5 minutes before my first alarm would go off, my dad comes in and tells me to get up and help put Christmas decorations up. That I did not do. He came back in at 10:25, 5 minutes before my next alarm would go off. I insisted on staying in bed until I would actually get up, which I did. I then got up, put on some clothes, went downstairs to see what was going on, went back upstairs to take a shower, went back downstairs and helped out a bit. At about 12, Jon and I went to DQ to get some lunch. I got to see Erin there, so that was a plus, but Chip was there, so it kinda dulled the moment. Either way, it was pretty cool because on our way back, we get a call from my parents telling us that they're fed up with lights not working and that they're going out to get a pre-lit tree. It was amazing. We then went out to Best Buy where we didn't do anything, but then to Target where I got Jon Need For Speed: Underground Hot Pursuit Black Edition. It's tight. He now owes me a 60 dollar gift. We have a system.
Well, I get back home, help put some of the tree together and such. At 3:45, i left for work, which until 11:30 tonight, wasn't all that bad. It wasn't too busy and the crew tonight was really cool. The new girl and the new guy (well, to me) left early. They are still rookies, but one of them got trained on register tonight, which means that they're close to non-rookie status. The other kid, the dude, I don't know how much skill he has at DQ-ing. Me, I got mad skillz at DQ-ing. Oh well, I work tomorrow from 11-2, so you should all visit!
I'm going to get back to my retarded math homework. My house is cold. I'm not tired. I want somebody to be online so that I can talk to them. I want a camcorder. Uh, nite!

Current Mood: complacent
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
4:50 pm
I woke up 15 minutes ago!!
Ok, so going to bed at 7am is not the greatest idea. I had originally planned on getting up at 10:30, 11 oclock this morning, but when my alarms went off.....*click* *click* *hit* *press*, and there you go! All 4 of my alarms successfully turned off and like a light, i was out of it. I really need to get this bio paper done just in case the rest of my group doesn't get in touch with me because the paper is due today and I would like to email it to my professor sometime before 6pm tonight. Communication is a good thing, and lack of communication turns into more work for myself.
Well, what am I going to do tonight? It's not sleep. Definitely not sleep, but uh, I probably should at least try and get some of my homework that's due on Monday out of the way so that tomorrow I can devote time to studying for a bio quiz. I won't have Japanese class on Monday, which is very nice. I'll have to go to math because I didn't turn in my assignment from last week, so I might as well give it to him for half credit. I better have gotten a 100% on my test that I took yesterday in his class. I can't believe that this "pre-calc" course so far has just been my high school algebra II class packed into 1 semester, except that we're not covering near as much. I have no reason to go to class except to turn in assignments. That's it.
It's already dark outside.........
I gotta get to that paper. I'll put another one of these up tonight.

Current Mood: lazy
Friday, November 18th, 2005
1:49 am
So, I didn't create a livejournal page when the craze hit. I created this because I was trying to search for new roommates online before the start of the school year because Truman decides not to give out email addresses and only gives out phone numbers and addresses, so calling them for me was out of the question. I tried everywhere. Myspace, livejournal, I freakin' googled their names, but to no avail. But now I'm here on the account I created a few months ago to hopefully utilize this website (whatever it may be for). Hopefully, this will not become an addiction, much like, stlpunk, myspace, and facebook (in chronological order of addiction) had (meaning, I'm no longer really addicted to them).

So, my sleep pattern is really messed up right now. This will probably be the third night in a row that I do not go to bed. I mean, I sleep, just not at the right times. I've taken about 4 hour naps in the range of 8pm-1am for theh past 3 days now (including today, well, yesterday). It has not been puttting a good effect on my schoolwork, considering each morning I miss my first class. I can't do that this morning though because I have a math test that I have to take over trig stuff (so at least it won't be too terribly difficult), but I did miss turning in an assignment the other day, so that is no good. Hopefully I'll just turn it in and he won't notice that it's late. I also have a 2 page paper with 3 sources due on Saturday. It's not actually just my paper, because it's a group research thing, and we have to turn in some sort of rough draft (great). My group is gay. Nobody ever shows up for meeting that we scheduled and nobody is in contact with one another. It sucks royal balls. All I want is a B for the class because it's a bitch of a class because the professor is a bitch of a person. Let's just hope I did ok on my Logic test yesterday and my Japanese test today (I love the class, but it's hard).

Well, I'm gonna get to studying for my math test. I'm sure that tomorrow I'll put something else in here because that's what people do when they get new websites to blog/update/check, they are always on them (shit, this will become an addiction). Tata.

Current Mood: 1:47 and wide awake
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